Shane Akeroyd

President, Asia Pacific and Global Head of Account Management


IHS Markit

Shane Akeroyd is an executive and president of IHS Markit Asia Pte Ltd., responsible for leading activities in Asia Pacific across all business lines. As global head of account management, he is based in the Hong Kong office and oversees all activities with the company’s largest relationships. Akeroyd joined IHS Markit in 2008 as executive and head of sales and held this position until he moved to Asia in 2016. He has more than 25 years of sales experience including at RBC Capital Markets, where he was head of global debt markets distribution and a member of the executive management team; TD Securities, as vice chair, capital market sales for EMEA and Asia Pacific; Bear Stearns & Co.; and Bank of America. He holds a B.Sc. (honors) in economics from University College London and serves on three non-profit art boards.

Shane Akeroyd 现任 IHS Markit Asia Pte Ltd 执行董事兼总裁,负责领导亚太区所有业务领域的工作。他常驻我们的香港办事处,作为全球客户管理总监,他还负责监管与公司最大客户的所有往来活动。Shane Akeroyd 于 2008 年加入 IHS Markit 担任执行董事和销售总监,直到 2016 年来到亚洲。他拥有逾 25 年的销售经验,包括在 RBC Capital Markets 担任全球债务市场分销总监和高管团队成员,在道明证券 (TD Securities) 担任欧洲、中东、非洲及亚太区资本市场销售副主席,之前还曾任职于贝尔斯登公司 (Bear Stearns & Co) 和美国银行 (Bank of America)。Shane Akeroyd 拥有伦敦大学学院经济学学士学位(荣誉),并任职于三个非营利性艺术组织的董事会。


Thomas Bagge

CEO and Statutory Director


Digitial Container Shipping Association

In April 2019, Thomas Bagge was appointed statutory director and CEO of Digital Container Shipping Association, a neutral and non-profit association founded by A.P. Moller–Maersk, CMA CGM, Hapag-Lloyd, MSC, and ONE. Prior to joining DCSA, Bagge has been involved in various transformation activities covering people, process, and technology over the past 12 years in Maersk. In addition to his transformational work, Bagge has worked with the executive board of A.P. Moller-Maersk on strategy and strategic change. Most recently, he held the position of adviser to the CIO on strategy and digital yransformation. Bagge brings with him approximately two decades of working in the transportation and logistics industry, where he has an in-depth understanding of industry drivers, as well as the challenges experienced by the customers. He holds a degree in applied finance from Copenhagen Business School as well as an Executive MBA. Aside from the role as CEO of DCSA, Bagge holds a number of board positions in other organizations.

2019 年 4 月,Thomas Bagge 被任命为数字集装箱航运协会法定董事兼首席执行官。该协会是一个中立的非营利性协会,由马士基集团 (A.P. Moller – Maersk)、达飞海运 (CMA CGM)、赫伯罗特 (Hapag-Lloyd)、地中海航运公司 (MSC) 和 ONE(由日本三大航运公司——日本邮船、商船三井、川崎汽船整合集运业务而成的 Ocean Network Express,简称 ONE 公司)共同成立。在加入该协会之前的十二年中,Thomas Bagge 一直在马士基集团参与涉及人员、流程和技术的各种转型工作。除了转型工作,Thomas Bagge 还任职于集团战略和战略变革方面的执行委员会。Thomas Bagge 最近曾担任战略与数字化转型方面的 CIO 顾问。Thomas Bagge 在运输和物流行业工作了大约 20 年,对这两个行业的主导因素以及客户遇到的挑战有着深入理解。Thomas Bagge 拥有哥本哈根商学院应用金融学学位及 EMBA 学位。除了担任数字集装箱航运协会首席执行官之外,Thomas Bagge 还任职于多个组织的董事会。


Don Z. Chen

Managing Director, Asia


New York Shipping Exchange

With comprehensive work experience in trade management for global ocean carriers, senior management roles with large non-vessel-operating common carriers and one of the biggest e-goods manufacturers in the world, Don Chen brings a broad perspective of all phases of the logistics. In his newest role, Chen is driving the growth and adoption for the New York Shipping Exchange (NYSHEX) in Asia as NYSHEX’s managing director for the region. He graduated from the University of Westminster and University of Warwick and holds a bachelor’s degree (First Honors) in international business communications and an MSc in engineering business management. In 2019, Chen was named one of the “Top 10 Chinese People in Shipping Technology of the Year.”

陈卓阳先生, 在全球物流的各个环节有广阔的视野, 他曾分别在达飞轮船CMA-CGM与南美轮船CSAV负责价格与航线管理,随后又在大型国际货运代理Apex Maritime以及全球最大的电器产品制造商之一美的集团安得国际物流担任高级管理职位。他最新的角色是作为纽约航运交易所(NYSHEX)的亚洲区总裁,推动该地区的航运和物流行业的数字化发展。陈先生在英国西敏寺大学(University of Westminster)以及华威大学(University of Warwick)分别获得国际商务交际一等荣誉学士学位和工程商业管理硕士学位。2019年陈先生当选年度航运科技十大人物。


Kara Cheung

Managing Partner


KCW Associates

Kara Cheung is a certified professional logistician with a focus in the Asia/Australia trade. She entered the logistics industry after successfully completing an undergraduate program from the University of Sydney. She has since completed various professional qualifications and, in 2008, a post-graduate course in logistics management from the University of Sydney. Her passion, confidence, and willingness to take charge have all been reflected in, and are evidenced through her progressive roles in the industry and various organizations in which she has been involved. Her fluency in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese provides her the necessary skills to bridge foreign brands and retailers from various regions across the globe to the Asian market. From functional point of view, Cheung is very knowledgeable on logistics, supply chain, and CBEC solutions. After a 10-year period of career development in Australia, it was obvious that Cheung was ready for more challenges. Opportunity struck, and she was given the chance to relocate to Shanghai with a multinational logistics company in 2009. During her time in China, Cheung established her contacts in the China e-commerce industry, including Tmall, various leading e-commerce service providers, and government officials in various foreign trade zones. With her innovative approach as a senior executive, and her hardworking, proactive attitude, Cheung has proven herself as an excellent person in solution, implementation, and project management.

Kara Cheung 是一位获得认证的专业物流师,专注于亚洲/澳大利亚贸易。在悉尼大学完成本科课程后,她进入物流行业。之后她完成了多种专业资格课程,并于 2008 年完成了悉尼大学的物流管理研究生课程。她在物流行业以及各种组织中担任的先锐角色都体现和证明了她的热情、自信和“乐于负责”的精神。她能够流利地讲英语、普通话和粤语,能够很好地将全球不同地区的外国品牌和零售商与亚洲市场联系起来。从工作职能的角度来看,Kara Cheung 在物流、供应链和 CBEC 解决方案方面知识渊博。 在澳大利亚潜心发展 10 年之后,很明显 Kara Cheung 已经准备好迎接更多挑战。机遇如期而至,Kara Cheung 在 2009 年转移到上海,加入一家跨国物流公司。在中国期间,Kara Cheung 在中国电子商务行业建立了广泛联系,与天猫、众多领先电子商务服务提供商以及众多自贸区的政府官员密切交往。作为高级管理人员,她力求创新,勤奋工作,而且积极主动,在实践中证明了自己是解决方案、实施和项目管理领域的优秀人才。


Amaud Coudray

Chief Commercial Officer



Arnaud Coudray is Chief Commercial Officer of APL. Previously, he served as APL’s Deputy Chief Trade Officer. Before joining APL, Mr Coudray was Deputy Vice President - Asia Regional Office of CMA CGM, overseeing the Asia-North America and Asia-Latin America trades. He also managed several Caribbean and Transpacific lines of the Group for 5 years at the CMA CGM headquarters; and oversaw the Middle East Region development as Commercial Director and Regional Director in Dubai. Arnaud joined CMA CGM in 2006. Prior to this, he served in Sales/Business Development roles in IT and engineering related companies, based in Paris and Asia (Taiwan). Arnaud holds a degree in Business Administration, with a major in Supply Chain (1996) and a Master in Engineering and Technology Management (1997).

目前担任美国总统轮船 (APL) 的首席商务官。此前他曾担任美国总统轮船的副首席贸易官。在加入美国总统轮船之前,Arnaud Coudray 先生曾担任达飞轮船 (CMA CGM) 亚洲区办事处副总裁,负责亚洲-北美和亚洲-拉美航线。他还曾经在达飞轮船总部管理集团的多条加勒比和跨太平洋航线达五年之久,而且在迪拜作为商务总监和区域总监指导中东地区的业务开发。Arnaud Coudray 于 2006 年加入达飞轮船。在此之前,他曾在巴黎和亚洲(中国台湾)的 IT 和工程相关公司担任销售/业务开发职位。Arnaud Coudray 拥有工商管理学位,主修供应链(1996 年);他还拥有工程与技术管理硕士学位(1997 年)。


Michael Crotty

Founder & President


MKT & Associates, Ltd

Mr. Crotty has been doing business in China for almost 20 years. His company, MKT & Associates, Ltd, designs and sources home textiles, apparel and accessories and exports them to North American importers that sell to national retail chains, including Walmart, Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond. Mr. Crotty is an active member and former Governor of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai (AmCham Shanghai) and sits on the Expert Council for AmCham’s Supply Chain Committee. Mr. Crotty earned his BA from the University of Wisconsin (Madison) and his Master of International Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University. He is active in the alumni associations for both schools.

Michael Crotty 近 20 年来一直在中国开展业务。他的公司 MKT & Associates, Ltd 设计和采购家用纺织品、服装和配饰,并将其出口到北美进口商并最终销往包括沃尔玛、Target、Bed、Bath&Beyond 在内的全国零售连锁店。 Michael Crotty 先生是上海美国商会的活跃会员和前任董事,而且是美国商会供应链委员会专家组成员。 Michael Crotty 先生拥有威斯康星大学(麦迪逊分校)学士学位以及亚利桑那州立大学雷鸟全球管理学院国际管理硕士学位。他积极参与两所学校的校友会活动。


Philip Damas

Director and Operational Head


Drewry Supply Chain Advisors

Philip Damas is in charge of Drewry Supply Chain Advisors, the logistics practice of the Drewry Group, and is a director of Drewry Shipping Consultants. Prior to joining Drewry in 2005, Damas worked for CMA CGM and the container shipping consortium Cobra in various management and financial control roles until 1990. He then spent the 1990s analyzing the logistics policies of importers and exporters and of logistics service providers when working with American Shipper and Containerisation International. Damas then became a founding director of shipping research and database company ComPairData. At Drewry, he has advised exporters, importers, lenders, and ports on logistics, freight rates, sea freight procurement, supply chains, and markets. He has presented papers at conferences in Asia, the US, and Europe.

Philip Damas 负责主管德鲁里供应链顾问(德鲁里集团的物流业务部门),并担任德鲁里航运咨询 (Drewry Shipping Consultants) 董事。他于 2005 年加入德鲁里集团,之前曾在达飞海运 (CMA CGM) 和集装箱航运联合企业 Cobra 担任各种管理和财务控制职务,直到 1990 年。他在 90 年代任职于《美国托运人》杂志 (American Shipper) 和《国际集装箱化》杂志 (Containerisation International),负责分析进口商/出口商以及物流服务提供商的物流政策,之后他成为航运研究和数据库公司 ComPairData 的创始董事。在德鲁里集团,Philip Damas 为出口商、进口商、贷款人和港口提供物流、运费、海运采购、供应链和市场方面的咨询。他曾在亚洲、美国和欧洲的会议上演讲论文。


Silvia Ding

Senior Vice President and Global Head of Ocean Product


Maersk Line

Silvia Ding is senior vice president and global head of ocean products for Maersk Line. She is in charge of Maersk’s global trade strategy, trade P&L, strategic pricing, as well as development, innovation, and digitization of ocean products and revenue management. Since joining Maersk in 1999, Ding has held various country and regional management positions in China, Hong Kong, and the Philippines, including vice president and managing director for Greater China. She moved into her current role in Maersk’s Copenhagen headquarters in 2017. In connection with the implementation of the One Maersk organization in January 2019, Ding’s role was expanded to cover innovation and digitization of ocean products and revenue management. She is a Chinese national and holds master’s in business administration from Kellogg School of Management of Northwestern University and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

丁泽娟女士是总部位于丹麦哥本哈根的马士基海洋产品全球总监兼高级副总裁。丁泽娟女士目前负责马士基全球航线战略、航线损益、战略定价以及海洋产品和收益管理的开发、创新和数字化。 丁泽娟女士于 1999 年加入马士基。在调任 APMM 马士基的哥本哈根总部之前,她曾在中国内地、中国香港和菲律宾担任过多个国家和地区管理职位。她曾担任大中华区副总裁兼董事总经理,之后于 2017 年在哥本哈根担任全球贸易管理总监。与 2019 年 1 月实施 One Maersk(一个马士基)组织相配合,丁泽娟女士的职责范围扩大为涵盖Ocean产品和收益管理的创新和数字化。丁泽娟女士是中国公民。她拥有西北大学凯洛格管理学院和香港科技大学的联合 MBA 学位。


Wang Haimin

Executive Vice President


China COSCO Shipping Corporation

Wang Haimin is executive vice president and party committee member of China Cosco Shipping Corp. Over a 20-year career in corporate management in the shipping industry, Wang has held numerous senior management positions within Cosco, and was also co-chief executive officer and executive director of OOCL. In his keynote address for TPM Asia 2019, Wang will share his thoughts on the major trends in the global and regional container shipping sector from his perspective as a senior leadership team member of one of the world’s largest container shipping companies and China’s largest container ship operator. He will share his thoughts and expectations for the major container trades; the challenge of industry decarbonization and the approaching deadline for IMO-imposed limits on sulfur emissions; carrier profitability, sector consolidation, and capacity issues; expected structural and business changes in the container shipping industry over the coming years; and the impact changes in the US-China trade relationship is having on the container shipping sector.

王海民先生现任中远海运集团 (China Cosco Shipping Corp) 副总经理兼党组成员。他在航运业企业管理领域工作了逾 20 年,曾经在中远海运集团担任多个高级管理职位,还曾经担任东方海外公司 (OOCL) 联合首席执行官和执行董事。王海民先生将在 2019 年泛太平洋海运亚洲大会上发表主旨演讲,从全球最大集装箱航运公司之一和中国最大集装箱船运营商高级领导团队成员的视角,分享他对全球和地区集装箱航运业主要趋势的看法。王海民先生将分享他对主要集装箱贸易的想法和期望,另外还会讨论以下多个方面:行业脱碳的挑战;日益迫近的国际海事组织硫排放限制期限;班轮公司盈利能力、行业整合和运能问题;未来几年预计将会发生的集装箱航运业结构和业务变化;中美贸易关系变化对集装箱航运业正在产生的影响。


Henrik Kofod-Hansen

CEO and Co-Founder



Henrik Kofod-Hansen, CEO and Co-founder of novosensus, as well as a Director of the School of Positive Psychology, both in Singapore. Henrik has held senior positions throughout the logistics industry and is today supporting companies to develop the future of work, large scale transformations and building of critical leadership capabilities. Henrik engages as a senior leadership sparring partner, coach’s executive teams and is active with companies in the logistics, social media, healthcare, chemical, banking and manufacturing industries.

Henrik Kofod-Hansen 是新加坡 novosensus 公司首席执行官和联合创始人以及新加坡积极心理学院 (School of Positive Psychology) 董事。Henrik Kofod-Hansen 在整个物流行业担任过各种高级职位,目前正支持客户企业开发面向未来的工作模式、实施大规模转型以及建立关键领导能力。Henrik Kofod-Hansen 以高级领导力陪练伙伴的角色开展工作,指导高管团队,并积极为物流、社交媒体、医疗保健、化学、银行业和制造业的客户服务。


Parash Jain

Global Head of Shipping and Ports Equity Research, and the Head of Transport Research



Parash Jain joined HSBC in 2006 and is the global head of shipping and ports equity research and the head of transport research, Asia Pacific. Based in Hong Kong, Parash has been directly covering the Asia marine sector (including logistics) since 2009 and is responsible for developing regional and global products in conjunction with other transport analysts. In his time at HSBC, he has also covered Asia small- and mid-cap companies. He is registered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and has a bachelor’s degree in commerce.

簡榮澤(Parash Jain)於2006年加入滙豐,現為環球研究航運及港口業環球證券研究主管 兼亞太區運輸業研究主管。簡榮澤常駐香港,自2009年起一直專注有關航海業(包括物 流)的研究,亦負責聯同其他運輸業分析師開發環球及區域市場產品。簡榮澤任職滙豐期 間,研究範圍亦涵蓋中小型企業。彼為印度特許會計師協會註冊會員,持有商學學位。


Bjorn Vang Jensen

Vice President, Global Logistics



Bjorn Vang Jensen joined Electrolux in 2004, as vice president in charge of supply chain for Electrolux Major Appliances in Asia/Pacific. Today, he is the head of global logistics in the Electrolux Group, where he oversees an annual logistics spend in excess of $1 billion, including the shipment of more than 160,000 TEU annually. Vang Jensen and his team are solely responsible for procurement and operations of ocean freight, air freight, courier services, and associated logistics services for the entire Electrolux Group. Additionally, he manages the group that purchases road and rail freight as well as warehousing services. A 1988-graduate of the A.P. Møller/Maersk Shipping School, Vang Jensen has lived in Asia for the past 28 years, during which time he has been based in Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore. In addition to his roles at Electrolux, Vang Jensen has worked in management roles within vessel and terminal operations; warehouse management; sales; key account management; and logistics network design for Maersk Line, Thyssen Haniel Logistics, Exel, and TNT Logistics. He is a very experienced supply chain practitioner, whose background spans all aspects of the supply chain, including forecasting, OP, supply chain design, modelling and re-engineering, warehouse management, transport management, customs clearance, project logistics, ocean freight, air freight, courier services, and consolidation.

Bjorn Vang Jensen 于 2004 年加入伊莱克斯,担任主管大家电亚太区供应链的副总裁。他目前担任伊莱克斯集团全球物流总监,负责监督每年超过 10 亿美元的物流支出,包括每年超过 16 万标准箱的航运。 Bjorn Vang Jensen 和他的团队全权负责整个伊莱克斯集团海运、空运、快递服务以及相关物流服务的采购和运营。此外,他还管理着采购公路和铁路货运以及仓储服务的团队。 Bjorn Vang Jensen 于 1988 年毕业于A.P. Møller/Maersk Shipping School(马士基航运学校),在亚洲生活了 28 年,先后在泰国、中国香港、日本、马来西亚、菲律宾和新加坡工作。 除了在伊莱克斯任职外,Bjorn Vang Jensen 还曾在马士基航运公司 (Maersk Line)、立行国际通运股份有限公司 (Thyssen Haniel Logistics)、Exel 和 TNT Logistics 等公司担任货轮和码头运营、仓库管理、销售、大客户管理、物流网络设计等领域的管理职务。 他是一位经验丰富的供应链从业者,工作背景涵盖了供应链的所有方面,包括预测、运营、供应链设计、建模和重新设计、仓库管理、运输管理、清关、项目物流、海运、空运、快递服务和整合。


Rahul Kapoor

Vice President and Head of Research and Analytics, Maritime & Trade


IHS Markit

Based in Singapore, Rahul Kapoor leads IHS Maritime & Trade research and analytics team. A subject matter expert in shipping with a wealth of global experience in the maritime industry and financial markets, Rahul is a thought leader in the industrial, maritime and commodity sectors with proven credentials and a demonstrated track record in market analysis & forecasting, shipping economics and commodity market developments. Rahul is a regular speaker at major conferences and client events globally, and has been frequently interviewed by the media on developments in the maritime sector. Most recently, Rahul was at Bloomberg Intelligence and earlier headed Drewry Financial Research Services Ltd. He has also worked as senior equities analyst at RS Platou Markets and Nomura covering global shipping. Rahul holds a Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering from BITS, Pilani and a Postgraduate in Management from IMI, New Delhi, India.

Rahul Kapoor 常驻新加坡,负责领导 IHS Maritime & Trade 研究和分析团队。作为航运主题专家,Rahul Kapoor 在海事行业和金融市场拥有丰富的全球经验,而且是工业、海事和商业领域的思想领袖,在市场分析及预测、航运经济学和商品市场开发方面资质深厚且成就卓著。他经常在全球重大会议和客户活动上发表演讲,并经常接受媒体关于海事领域发展的采访。在加入本公司之前,Rahul Kapoor 曾任职于彭博行业研究 (Bloomberg Intelligence),此前还曾领导新加坡德鲁里金融研究服务有限公司 (Drewry Financial Research Services Ltd)。Rahul Kapoor 拥有彼拉尼博拉理工学院 (BITS) 的海洋工程学士学位和印度新德里国际管理学院 (IMI) 的管理学硕士学位。


Damian Kennaby

Executive Director, Oil, Midstream, Downstream and Chemical


IHS Markit

Damian Kennaby is an Executive Director in the Oil Markets, Midstream, Downstream and Chemical team at IHS Markit. He is based in London and uses his extensive background in crude oil and refined products markets to discuss topical issues with clients and introduce new business relationships with IHS Markit. His 20+ years of research includes experience with both Purvin & Gertz, Inc., where he led Purvin & Gertz’s European downstream market analysis, and Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA), where he led CERA’s research into European downstream oil markets. Mr Kennaby’s relationships with clients include frequent presentations at Board level and with strategy teams, and he has written several papers on the strategic direction of the European refining industry and other topical issues. He is also a regular speaker at IHS Markit events and industry conferences. Prior to joining CERA Mr Kennaby was with Texaco Ltd., at the company’s London offices, where he was the company Economist, and with the refinery planning team at the company’s Pembroke refinery in Wales. He was also Editor of Petroleum Economist, the international energy journal. Before moving into the oil industry he was a Metallurgical Engineer with Rössing Uranium Limited, Swakopmund, Namibia. Mr. Kennaby holds a BSc (Hons) and ACSM from the Camborne School of Mines, and an MBA from Warwick Business School.

Damian Kennaby 是 IHS Markit 的中下游石油市场及化学品业务部的执行董事。他常驻伦敦工作,利用自己在原油和成品油市场的广泛从业背景与客户讨论热点问题,并为 IHS Markit 带来新的业务关系。他拥有 20 多年的市场研究经验,包括在 Purvin & Gertz, Inc. 领导欧洲下游市场分析以及在剑桥能源研究协会 (CERA) 领导对欧洲下游石油市场的研究。Damian Kennaby 先生经常为客户的董事会和战略团队进行演讲,他还撰写了几篇关于欧洲炼油行业战略方向和其他热点问题的论文。他还经常在 IHS Markit 活动和行业会议上发表演讲。 在加入剑桥能源研究协会 (CERA) 之前,Damian Kennaby 先生曾在 Texaco Ltd. 的伦敦办事处担任公司分析师,还曾在公司位于威尔士的 Pembroke 炼油厂的炼油规划团队工作。他亦曾经担任国际能源期刊《石油经济学家》(Petroleum Economist) 的编辑。在进入石油行业之前,他在位于纳米比亚 Swakopmund 的 Rössing Uranium Limited 担任冶金工程师。 Damian Kennaby 先生拥有康伯恩工矿学院理学士(荣誉)和 ACSM 学位以及华威商学院 MBA 学位。


Greg Knowler

Europe Editor, JOC, Maritime & Trade


IHS Markit

Greg Knowler is a highly experienced editor and publisher with more than 20 years on mainstream titles and business-to-business magazines. His journalism career began in 1989 as a reporter for a daily newspaper in Durban, South Africa, covering the news during the turbulent end of apartheid. In 2000, he moved to Hong Kong and spent two years at the South China Morning Post sports desk before joining Cargonews Asia, and then IHS Markit in 2013 to cover Asia. Knowler relocated to London in 2017 as Europe editor for the Maritime & Trade division of IHS Markit. His reporting and analysis appears on, in The Journal of Commerce, he speaks regularly to industry groups.

Greg Knowler 是一位经验丰富的编辑和发行人,拥有 20 多年的主流报纸和企业对企业杂志从业经历。他的新闻事业始于 1989 年,成为南非德班一家日报的记者,在推翻种族隔离制度的动荡时期采写新闻。2000 年,他移居香港,在《南华早报》(South China Morning Post) 体育部工作了两年,之后加入了《亚洲货运双周刊》(Cargonews Asia),并于 2013 年加入 IHS Markit 来采写亚洲行业新闻。在香港工作 17 年后,他于 2017 年中期迁往伦敦,担任 IHS Markit 海事与贸易事务部的欧洲编辑。他的报告和分析刊登在 和 JOC 杂志。此外,他经常向行业团体演讲。


Nicholas Kwan

Research Director


Hong Kong Fashion & Design

Nicholas Kwan, director of research of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), a statutory body set up in 1966 to promote Hong Kong’s external business. Kwan manages a team of about 30 economists and research professionals, providing macro-economic and business research support to the HKTDC and its various stakeholders. He also serves as a member of the Hong Kong Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation and was an associate member of the Central Policy Unit of the Hong Kong Government. Kwan was formerly the Asia chief economist and head of research of Standard Chartered Bank. Earlier, he worked at the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), specializing in macro-economic and policy research, and was the Asia Pacific regional chief economist of Merrill Lynch. An economics graduate of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Kwon has an MBA from Warwick University in the UK and was a chartered financial analyst.

关家明现任香港贸易发展局(HKTDC,1966 年成立的旨在促进香港对外业务的法定机构)研究总监。关家明管理着由大约 30 名分析师和专业研究人士组成的团队,为香港贸易发展局及其各种相关机构提供宏观经济和商业研究支持。关家明目前还担任香港太平洋经济合作委员会 (Hong Kong Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation) 委员以及香港政府中央政策组非全职顾问。 关家明曾担任渣打银行 (Standard Chartered Bank) 亚洲首席分析师兼研究总监。关家明此前曾在香港金融管理局 (HKMA) 专门从事宏观经济和政策研究,还曾经担任美林证券 (Merrill Lynch) 亚太区首席分析师。关家明毕业于香港中文大学经济系,拥有英国华威大学 MBA 学位,而且是一位特许金融分析师。


Wolfgang Lechmacher

Supply Chain and Technology Strategist, Former Head of Supply Chain and Transport Industries

供应链和技术战略专家, 前供应链与运输行业总监

World Economic Forum

Wolfgang Lehmacher is a thought leader and practitioner in supply chain and logistics. He was director and head of supply chain and transport industries at the World Economic Forum; partner and managing director (China and India) at the global strategy firm CVA; and president and CEO of GeoPost Intercontinental, French La Poste. Lehmacher has been supporting and advising Fortune 50 corporations, investors, and start-ups. He helps companies expand their businesses and to upgrade existing and develop new business models in the digital era. He is a judge of the Automotive Logistics Awards Europe and a member of the IATA Air Cargo Innovation Awards Jury and the Logistikweisen, a think tank under the patronage of the German Federal Ministry BMVI. Lehmacher is a Financial Times, Forbes, Fortune, Business Insider contributor and the author of numerous business books, including The Global Supply Chain.

Wolfgang Lehmacher 是供应链和物流领域的思想领袖和实践者。他曾担任世界经济论坛供应链与运输行业总监,全球战略咨询公司 CVA 的合伙人兼董事总经理(中国和印度区),以及法国邮政下属 GeoPost Intercontinental 公司的总裁兼首席执行官。他一直在为《财富》50 强企业、投资者和初创企业提供支持和建议。他帮助各种企业在数字时代拓展业务、升级现有业务并开发新的业务模式。他目前担任“欧洲汽车物流奖”评委、IATA 航空货运创新奖评委会成员以及德国联邦交通和数字基础设施部资助的 Logistikweisen 智库的成员。Wolfgang Lehmacher 是《金融时报》、《福布斯》杂志、《财富》杂志、BI 杂志的撰稿人,并著有多部商业书籍,其中包括 The Global Supply Chain(《全球供应链》)。


Peter J. Levesque



Modern Terminals

Peter Levesque has more than 25 years of international transportation and logistics experience. Prior to joining Modern Terminals as chief commercial officer in 2010 and, in 2015, becoming chief operating officer, Levesque held several management positions with CEVA Logistics, DHL International Supply Chain Asia Pacific, American President Lines, and APL Logistics (ACS). In 2000, he co-founded V-Logic Ltd., a niche third-party logistics company based in Hong Kong. Levesque holds a BA in political science from the University of Massachusetts, and an MBA from Northwestern University’s J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He has served as adjunct professor of entrepreneurship for the Kellogg/HKUST EMBA program, and for the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s MBA program. Levesque served as chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong in 2014 and 2015, representing more than 600 companies across 40 different nationalities. He is a member of the shipping and transport committee of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce and the Hong Kong-US Business Council.

李国维先生拥有逾25年国际运输及物流企业营运经验。他于2010年2月加盟香港现代货箱码头有限公司,担任商务总裁一职,2015年获委任为营运总裁,并于2017年1月1日起接任该公司行政总裁一职。 李先生曾在基华物流、敦豪国际供应链 (亚太区)、美国总统轮船公司和 APL Logistics (ACS) 担任多个管理职位。李先生也是第三方物流服务供应商威络捷公司创办人之一。 李先生拥有美国马萨诸塞大学政治科学学士学位, 以及西北大学与香港科技大学合办的工商管理硕士学位。他曾担任凯洛格管理学院/香港科技大学行政人员工商管理硕士联合课程以及香港科技大学工商管理硕士课程的创业学兼职教授。他分别于2009 及2010 年任职香港美国商会的运输及物流委员会主席、2013年任职商会副主席、2014及2015年担任商会主席,该商会代表着 40 个国家的 600 多家企业。他目前是香港总商会航运与运输委员会, 以及港美商務委員會的成员。


Willy Lin



Hong Kong Shippers’ Council and Hong Kong Productivity Council

Willy Lin is chairman of both the Hong Kong Shippers’ Council and the Hong Kong Productivity Council. Lin is a member of the HKSAR’s Logistics Development Council, Maritime and Port Board, Trade and Industry Advisory Board, and an ex-officio member of the committee on innovation, technology and re-industrialisation. He is also honorary chairman of the Textile Council of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Exporters’ Association, and Hong Kong Knitwear Exporters’ and Manufacturers’ Association. Lin is a member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Committee of Jieyang, Guangdong. His overseas affiliations include honorary consul for the Slovak Republic in Hong Kong and Macao, and honorary trade advisor to the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand. Lin is managing director of Milo’s Knitwear (International) Ltd., CEO of Dongguan Tangxia Futung Knitwear Factory Ltd., and non-executive director of Top Form International Ltd.

林宣武先生是香港付货人委员会 (Hong Kong Shippers’ Council) 及香港生产力促进局 (Hong Kong Productivity Council) 主席。林宣武先生还担任香港特区物流发展委员会 (HKSAR’s Logistics Development Council)、海运港口局委员会 (Maritime and Port Board) 以及工业贸易咨询委员会 (Trade and Industry Advisory Board) 成员,此外还是创新科技及再工业化委员会 (Committee on Innovation, Technology and Re-industrialisation) 的有职权成员。他还是香港纺织协会 (Textile Council of Hong Kong)、香港出口商协会 (Hong Kong Exporters’ Association)、香港针织品出口商及制造商协会 (Hong Kong Knitwear Exporters’ & Manufacturers’ Association) 的名誉主席。林宣武先生是广东省揭阳市政协委员。海外方面,林宣武先生是斯洛伐克共和国在香港和澳门的名誉领事以及泰国商务部的名誉贸易顾问。林宣武先生目前还出任美罗针织厂(国际)有限公司董事总经理、东莞塘厦福通针织品有限公司首席执行官以及黛丽斯国际有限公司非执行董事。


Nicolas de Loisy

President, Supply Chain Management Outsource, and Co-Founder

总裁, 供应链管理外包咨询公司, 联合创始人

Belt and Road Blockchain Consortium

Nicolas de Loisy is president of Supply Chain Management Outsource (SCMO), a global network of professional firms providing advisory in logistics, transportation, and supply chain management. Their experts help transform supply chain challenges into a strategic and competitive advantage through 40 offices in 25 countries. He is also co-founder of The Belt and Road Blockchain Consortium, a collaborative consortium focusing on blockchain identity, governance, and conflict resolution along the Belt and Road Initiative. He is also co-chairman of the Alliances & Facilitation Committee of the Independent Power Producers Forum, an association specializing in the energy sector upstream, midstream, and downstream.

Nicolas de Loisy 是供应链管理外包咨询公司 (Supply Chain Management Outsource,简称SCMO) 总裁。该公司提供物流、运输和供应链管理方面的专业咨询,业务网络覆盖全球,位于 25 个国家 40 个办事处的专家帮助客户将供应链挑战转变为战略和竞争优势。Nicolas de Loisy 还是 The Belt and Road Blockchain Consortium(BRBC,一带一路区块链联盟)的联合创始人。BRBC 是一个专注于“一带一路”沿线国家区块链身份、治理和冲突解决方案的合作联盟。Nicolas de Loisy 还是独立电力生产商论坛联盟和促进委员会联合主席。这是一个专门面向能源行业上游、中游和下游企业的协会。


Sanne Manders

Chief Operating Officer



Sanne Manders is the chief operating officer of Flexport, a technology-forward, full-service freight forwarder and customs broker. As COO, he is responsible for sales, customer service, operations, procurement, and carrier relations across all modes of transportation. As a founding member of Flexport, Manders was instrumental in scaling the company, which now serves more than 10,000 customers and suppliers across 109 countries. He brings years of industry experience to Flexport, having previously led global client relationships The Boston Consulting Group’s logistics practice. He also serves on the advisory board of PortXL (Port of Rotterdam). Manders holds an MBA from Columbia University and a MS in mechanical engineering from Delft University, The Netherlands.

Sanne Manders 现任 Flexport 首席运营官。Flexport 是一家处于技术前沿并提供全方位服务的货运代理及海关经纪公司。作为首席运营官,他负责所有运输方式的销售、客户服务、运营、采购和班轮公司关系。作为 Flexport 的创始成员,Sanne Manders 在扩大公司规模方面发挥了重要作用,该公司目前为 109 个国家的一万多家客户和供应商提供服务。Sanne Manders 为 Flexport 带来了多年的行业经验,之前曾在波士顿咨询集团 (Boston Consulting Group) 领导物流业务方面的全球客户关系。他还任职于鹿特丹港咨询委员会。Sanne Manders 拥有哥伦比亚大学 MBA 学位以及荷兰代尔夫特大学机械工程学士学位。


Turloch Mooney

Global Ports Editor, Maritime & Trade


IHS Markit

Turloch Mooney is a senior business intelligence professional at IHS Markit. As senior editor covering global ports for JOC, Mooney is responsible for the creation of strategic content across multiple media formats – including print, online, and events – utilizing data-rich insights and analyses across the full value chain that IHS Markit provides as a global research company. His responsibilities include establishing key influencer programs in the container shipping sector to support the development of data, events, and consulting services, as well as fostering collaboration between industry players by developing conference programs, industry workshops, and whitepapers. He has 20 years of experience in the supply chain and transport industries and is also a subject matter expert in international trade policy and processes. Previously, Mooney worked for the Geneva-based International Air Transport Association, the global trade association for the world's airlines, and the London-listed Informa Group, the publisher of the Lloyd’s maritime and transport brands. He has lived and worked in diverse cities across the world, including Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Amsterdam. Mooney completed an undergraduate degree and postgraduate studies in communications at the National University of Ireland, and he holds a Master of Arts with a focus on international law and international trade from the University of Limerick, Republic of Ireland.

Turloch Mooney 是 IHS Markit 的高级商业资讯专家。作为 JOC 全球港口部的资深编辑,Turloch Mooney 负责利用 IHS Markit 作为全球研究公司提供的涵盖全价值链且基于丰富数据的洞察和分析,为多种媒体形式(包括印刷、在线和活动)创建战略性内容。他的职责包括在集装箱航运领域建立关键影响力人物计划来支持数据、活动和咨询服务的开发,以及通过制定会议安排、主办行业研讨会和编写白皮书来促进行业参与者之间的合作。他在供应链和运输行业拥有 20 年的从业经验,而且是国际贸易政策和流程的主题专家。Turloch Mooney 曾任职于总部位于日内瓦的国际航空运输协会(全球航空公司的贸易协会)以及在伦敦上市公司 Informa Group(劳埃德海事和运输品牌的出版机构)。他曾在世界各地的多个城市生活和工作,其中包括香港、上海和阿姆斯特丹。Turloch Mooney 在爱尔兰国立大学完成传播学本科和研究生学习,并拥有爱尔兰利默里克大学国际法和国际贸易硕士学位。


Matt Muenster

Senior Manager, Applied Knowledge


Breakthrough Fuel

Matt is a Senior Manager of Applied Knowledge at Breakthrough, a pioneer in the field of transportation energy and supply chain management. On the Applied Knowledge team, Matt leverages market research, industry data, and energy market fundamentals to create competitive advantages for many of the world’s largest, most progressive shippers across several modes of freight transportation. During his five years with Breakthrough, Matt has thrived on guiding shippers through fuel market dynamics, particularly during periods of regulatory change. Recently this has included the deregulation and liberalization of the Mexican energy market, and the IMO’s 2020 Sulphur cap. Matt has an MA in economics from Bowling Green State University and a BA from St. Norbert College where he has taught as an adjunct member of the economics faculty.

Matt Muenster 担任 Breakthrough Fuel 公司应用知识高级经理,而且是运输能源和供应链管理领域的一位先驱。在应用知识团队,Matt Muenster 利用市场研究、行业数据和能源市场基本因素,跨越多种货运模式为全球许多最大、最先进的货主创造竞争优势。 在 Breakthrough Fuel 公司的五年中,Matt Muenster 成功地指导货主应对燃料市场动态因素,特别是在法规变化期间。最近的法规变化包括墨西哥能源市场放松管制和自由化以及国际海事组织 2020 燃料硫含量上限。Matt Muenster 拥有鲍灵格林州立大学经济学硕士学位和圣诺伯特学院学士学位,而且作为经济学院兼职教授在圣诺伯特学院授课。


Alan Murphy

CEO and Founder


Sea-Intelligence ApS

Alan Murphy has fifteen years of experience in liner shipping research, analysis, and systems development, with a focus on bridging the often-disparate functions of management, analysis, and IT development. Murphy is a sought-after consultant, adviser, and speaker at industry conferences and events, providing insight and intelligence to a broad range of stakeholders in the logistics community, through quantitative research techniques, econometric modeling, and systems and database architecture development. Murphy has a degree in business economics and joined the global market intelligence department of Maersk Line in 2004, coming from a position as finance research analyst at Copenhagen Business School. At Maersk Line, he was initially responsible for developing, implementing and managing central systems for measuring and analyzing customer satisfaction, vessel utilization, market events, and internal performance. Later, as senior analyst of Maersk Line's intelligence and analysis section, Murphy was responsible for global supply/demand modeling, long-term forecasting, market and competitor analysis, and senior management reporting. After leaving Maersk Line in 2010, he continued to support the logistics community through ARM Consulting, helping companies automate manual processes, reduce costs, and increase market reach based on actionable information.

Alan Murphy 在班轮航运研究、分析和系统开发方面拥有 15 年的经验,专注于统合管理、分析和 IT 开发等通常离散的职能。Alan Murphy 是一位广受欢迎的顾问和咨询师以及行业会议和活动的演讲者,通过定量研究技术、计量经济建模以及系统和数据库架构开发,为广泛的物流界相关方提供洞察和情报。Alan Murphy 拥有商业经济学学位,于 2004 年加入马士基航运公司 (Maersk Line) 全球市场情报部门,此前担任哥本哈根商学院金融研究分析师。在马士基航运公司,他最初负责开发、实施和管理用于测量和分析客户满意度、货轮利用率、市场活动和内部绩效的中心系统。Alan Murphy 随后担任马士基航运公司情报和分析部门的高级分析师,负责全球供需建模、长期预测、市场和竞争对手分析以及高级管理层报告。在 2010 年离开马士基航运公司后,他继续通过 ARM Consulting 公司为物流社区提供支持,帮助企业基于切实可行的信息实现手动流程自动化、降低成本并扩大市场范围。


Hans Nagtegaal

Director, Containers


Port of Rotterdam

Hans Nagtegaal joined the Port of Rotterdam in 2015 as Director Containers. He is commercial responsible for the carrier segment (deepsea, feeder, shortsea & RoRo), terminals, depots and the shippers & forwarders. Hans brings close to 30 years of industry experience. His career started with Nedlloyd and P&O Nedlloyd, holding a wide variety of roles in Rotterdam, Hong Kong and Shanghai. In 2005 he joined Safmarine as Area Director. While in 2009 assuming the position of Director Global Infrastructure at NileDutch, the niche carrier to West Africa. In his current position Hans is particularly focused on working together with customers and stakeholders to achieve sustainable growth in the world-class port of Rotterdam.

Hans Nagtegaal 于 2015 年加入鹿特丹港并担任集装箱业务总监。他负责班轮公司部门(深海、支线、近海和滚装)、码头、中转站以及货主和货代商。 Hans Nagtegaal 拥有近 30 年的行业经验。他的职业生涯始于 Nedlloyd 和 P&O Nedlloyd,在鹿特丹、香港和上海担任过多种职务。2005 年,他加入 Safmarine 并担任区域总监。2009 年,他担任 NileDutch(往返西非的一家利基班轮公司)全球基础设施总监职位。 在当前职位,Hans Nagtegaal 特别注重与客户及相关方密切合作,以实现鹿特丹港作为世界级港口的可持续增长。


Han Ning

Director and Country Manager, China


Maritime Advisors (Presenting on Supply Chain Digitization)

Han Ning is head of Drewry’s China operations and a senior consultant within the company’s consultancy arm. She oversees Drewry China in all sectors including maritime research, shipping and port projects, as well as supply chain projects. Han joined Drewry in 2011 and worked in the Drewry Singapore office prior to moving to Shanghai. With Drewry, she has led various port, shipping, and supply chain projects. Her experience in the port sector includes commercial analysis and due diligence, company strategy formulation, IPOs, investment opportunities assessment, tariff benchmarking, risk assessment, and more. Her port project experience covers various regions including China, Africa, SEA, South Asia, the Mediterranean, Australia, South America, and North America. Her shipping project experience includes container shipping, reefer, and multipurpose vessels. Before joining Drewry, Ning worked in the investment department of PSA China for 5 years.

韩宁领导德鲁里中国办公室,并在德鲁里咨询团队任高级顾问。她于2011年加入德鲁里,并在德鲁里新加坡工作一段时间。在德鲁里,她负责德鲁里中国在所有领域的工作,包括航运分析、航运和港口咨询项目以及供应链项目。她在港口行业的经验包括商业分析和尽职调查、公司战略制定、IPO、投资机会评估、费率基准评估、风险评估等。她的港口项目经验涵盖中国、非洲、东南亚、南亚、地中海、澳大利亚、南美和北美。 她的航运项目经验包括集装箱运输、冷藏箱船和多用途船舶。 在加入德鲁里之前,她曾在PSA中国投资部门工作了5年。


Deepak Saxena

Executive Director, Global Ocean Head

Kerry Logistics

Deepak serves as a member of the senior management in the logistics arena with extensive expertise in ocean product logistics, trade lanes, and commercial logistics, holding leadership roles in the freight industry within top-ranked freight companies. Deepak has broad experience in the global logistics industry, specifically in the Asia Pacific region, with an ability to integrate, align, and motivate results. After finishing his management studies, Deepak has been part of the freight and logistics industry for over 22 years, holding different commercial, product, and management positions in India, Shanghai, the US, and Hong Kong, and currently is a part of the Kerry Logistics Executive Committee at the Kerry Logistics global headquarters in Hong Kong. He has been contributing to its growth globally in the ocean product, global process management, and supply chain management streams.


Steve Saxon



McKinsey & Co.

Steve Saxon is a partner in McKinsey&Company’s China office. Saxon joined McKinsey in London in 2000, and transferred to Asia in 2005. He is a core member of its transport, infrastructure, and logistics practice, focusing on shipping and ports. His work includes strategy development with container lines, performance improvement through revenue enhancement and cost reduction, and supporting private equity investors into shipping. Saxon has supported several of the recent successful container liner mergers. He helps ports in their long-term plans and productivity improvement. Recent publications have included a co-publication with TT Club analyzing the brave new world of container supply chains, looking forward to the next 50 years of container shipping, highlighting priorities for a container line CEO, prividing the shippers’ view on the industry’s future, and examining cost potential of the new alliances.

Steve Saxon 是麦肯锡公司 (McKinsey & Company) 中国办事处的一位合伙人。Steve Saxon 于 2000 年在伦敦加入麦肯锡,并于 2005 年因工作调动转到亚洲。他是其运输、基础设施和物流业务的核心成员,专注于航运和港口方面。他的工作包括帮助集装箱班轮公司制定战略,通过增加收入和降低成本来改善绩效,以及支持私募股权投资者进入航运领域。他已经为集装箱班轮公司最近的几次成功合并提供支持。Steve Saxon 帮助众多港口制定长期计划和提高生产效率。他最近出版的著作物包括与 TT 俱乐部合作出版的关于集装箱供应链的 The Brave New World(《勇敢新世界》),主题涉及未来 50 年的集装箱运输、集装箱运输首席执行官的重点要务、货主对未来集装箱行业的看法以及新航运联盟的成本潜力。


Ben Simpfendorfer

Founder and CEO


Silk Road Associates

Ben Simpfendorfer is CEO of Silk Road Associates, a data-driven strategic advisory based in Hong Kong. Simpfendorfer advises Fortune 500 multinationals and leading Asian firms on their commercial strategies in Greater China, South East Asia, the Middle East & Africa, providing clients teams with geospatial-driven solutions based on the firm’s proprietary SRA Intelligence™ analytics. He briefs CEOs and executive boards worldwide. Simpfendorfer has worked in Asia and the Middle East for the past 20 years. He was previously chief China economist at RBS and senior China economist at JPMorgan in Hong Kong. He started his career in Beirut in the 1990s, later working as a Middle East & North Africa senior analyst for Dun & Bradstreet in London. Simpfendorfer is a leading expert on China’s Belt & Road initiative, a Mandarin and Arabic speaker, author of The New Silk Road (2009) and The Rise of the New East (2014).

Ben Simpfendorfer 为《财富》500 强跨国公司和亚洲领先公司提供与他们在大中华区、东南亚、中东和非洲的商业战略有关的咨询,为客户团队提供基于本公司专有 SRA Intelligence™ 分析的地理空间驱动型解决方案。他为全球各地的首席执行官和执行董事会作报告。Ben Simpfendorfer 过去 20 年来一直在亚洲和中东工作。他以前曾担任苏格兰皇家银行 (RBS) 首席中国分析师以及香港摩根大通 (JP Morgan)高级中国分析师。他于 1990 年代在贝鲁特开始了自己的职业生涯,之后在伦敦担任邓白氏集团 (Dun & Bradstreet) 的中东和北非高级分析师。Ben Simpfendorfer 是中国“一带一路”倡议领域的领先专家,可用汉语普通话和阿拉伯语发表演讲,著有 The New Silk Road(《新丝绸之路》,2009 年)和 The Rise of the New East(《新东方的崛起》,2014年)。


Jane Singer

Managing Director


Inside Fashion

Jane Singer is Managing Director of Inside Fashion,the leading market intelligence advisory service for the global fashion industry. She pioneered the company’s Consumer Lab, which is respected for its breakthrough insights into consumer attitudes about fashion and lifestyle. Ms. Singer also launched The Current Situation in Sourcing, a highly respected C-suite sourcing advisory report. Most recently, Ms. Singer was responsible for launching FASHCON, a think-tank conference for fashion industry executives. Ms. Singer has over 20 years of marketing and sales experience in international markets, with extensive experience in Asia and the US. As a featured expert speaker at prominent trade fairs, industry events and corporate meetings around the world, Ms. Singer is an acknowledged thought leader, bringing refreshing and on point insights about the fashion industry sector. She also serves as a consultant to several leading apparel and textile companies, helping them to gain clearer insights into key markets and identify new opportunities.

Jane Singer 是全球时尚行业处于领先地位的市场情报咨询服务公司 Inside Fashion 的董事总经理。她主导创建了该公司的 Consumer Lab(消费者实验室),该机构能够犀利洞察消费者对于时尚和生活方式的态度并因此广受信赖。Jane Singer 女士还推出了备受推崇的企业高层采购咨询报告 The Current Situation in Sourcing(当前采购形势)。 Jane Singer 女士最近负责推出 FASHCON,一个针对时尚行业高管的智囊团会议。 Jane Singer 女士在国际市场拥有逾 20 年的营销和销售经验,在亚洲和美国有着广博深厚的行业经验。 作为全球知名展会、行业活动和企业会议的特邀演讲嘉宾,Jane Singer 女士是公认的思想领袖,为时尚界带来令人耳目一新而且切准实际的见解和观点。 她还担任多家领先服装和纺织品公司的顾问,帮助他们更清晰地了解主要市场并发现新商机。


Xu Songming

Deputy Secretary General


People's Government of Shenzhen Municipality


Mark Szakonyi

Executive Editor, and The Journal of Commerce, Maritime & Trade

执行主编,JOC.com和The Journal of Commerce,海事与贸易

IHS Markit

Mark Szakonyi leads the JOC editorial team, consisting of a global team of journalists and researchers covering the container shipping industry. His analysis and work have been quoted in general news media including the BBC, The Economist, PBS Nightly Business Report, NPR, Al Jazeera International, South China Morning Post and USA Today. He is a sought-after speaker who helps plan and moderate JOC events, leads JOC’s shipper round tables, and chairs the JOC Canada Trade Conference.

Mark Szakonyi 领导 JOC 编辑团队,这是一支全球团队,由专注于集装箱航运行业的众多记者和研究人员组成。他的分析和作品被众多大众新闻媒体引用,其中包括 BBC、《经济学人》(The Economist)、PBS 夜间商业报道 (The Nightly Business Report)、NPR、半岛电视台国际频道、《南华早报》和《今日美国》(USA Today)。他是一位广受欢迎的演讲者,帮助筹划和协调 JOC 活动、领导 JOC 货主圆桌会议,并主持 JOC 的加拿大贸易会议。


Peter Tirschwell

Vice President, Maritime & Trade


IHS Markit

Peter Tirschwell is vice president at Maritime & Trade, IHS Markit, publisher of The Journal of Commerce,, Dredging & Port Construction, Safety at Sea, PIERS maritime trade data and JOC events such as TPM. In his expanded role within IHS Markit, he is responsible for all editorial content appearing in Maritime & Trade media and events. A career transportation journalist, Tirschwell was a reporter, West Coast bureau chief, editor-in-chief and publisher of The Journal of Commerce in his 20-plus-year career with the company, which began in 1992. He is the founder and chairman of the annual TPM Conference in Long Beach, California, one of the world’s largest shipping events, and led the development of the JOC Port Productivity project, the first global database of port performance. He writes a regular column in The Journal of Commerce. ​

Peter Tirschwell 是 IHS Markit 海事与贸易事务部副总裁,JOC 杂志、JOC.Com、Dredging & Port Construction、Safety at Sea、PIERS 海运贸易数据和 JOC 会议(如泛太平洋海运会议)的出版人。目前他在 IHS Markit 中担任更多职务,负责海事与贸易事务部媒体和活动中出现的所有编辑内容。他自 1992 年以来始终专注于运输领域,在 20 多年的职业生涯中,曾先后担任美西海岸办事处首席记者、JOC 杂志主编和出版人。他是泛太平洋海运会议的创始人和主席,该会议每年在美国加州长滩市举行,是全球最大的航运界活动之一。他曾领导 JOC 港口生产效率 (JOC Port Productivity) 项目的开发,这是关于港口绩效的首个全球数据库。他在 JOC 杂志设有专栏。


Sarthak Verma

Senior Vice President

J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc.


Arne Voller

Seafreight Director, South China Cluster


Kuehne + Nagel

Arne Voller, presently based in Hong Kong as Seafreight Director of Kuehne + Nagel, is the Head of the Seafreight organization in South China, responsible for steering overall operational management and strategic development. Arne has over 20 years of industry expertise, plus comprehensive working experience on national and corporate levels within the organization. He was appointed as different management positions within Kuehne + Nagel, including Corporate Head Seafreight Pricing before moving to Hong Kong. He once located in Germany for 10 years, spent 6 years in Australia, and past 4 years in Asia.

Arne Voller 目前作为德讯 (Kuehne + Nagel) 海运部总监常驻香港,主管华南及香港澳门海运组织,负责指导整体运营管理和战略发展。 Arne Voller 有着逾 20 年的从业经历,并在组织内的国家和企业层面拥有广博的工作经验和专业知识。在迁任香港之前,他曾担任德讯的不同管理职务,包括公司海运定价主管。他曾在德国和澳大利亚分别工作了 10 年 和 6 年,过去 4 年在亚洲工作。


Yating Xu

Senior China Economist


IHS Markit (Presenting on US-China Trade Tensions and the Chinese Economy)

Yating Xu is a senior economist for the China Regional Service within IHS Economics' Country Intelligence Group, and is responsible for economic, political, and business environment analysis of China. Before joining IHS Economics, Yating was a Statistician with China's National Bureau of Statistics' Department of National Accounts for seven years and is responsible for GDP and national income distribution accounting. Yating is familiar with China's statistical indicators and methods. Yating holds an Economics PhD from Peking University. She speaks Mandarin and English.

许亚婷是 IHS Economics 下属国家信息组中国区服务团队的高级分析师,负责中国的经济、政治和商业环境分析。 加入 IHS Economics 之前,许亚婷曾在中国国家统计局国民经济核算司担任了七年的统计师,负责 GDP 和国民收入分配核算。许亚婷熟悉中国的各种统计指标和方法。 许亚婷拥有北京大学经济学博士学位。她讲汉语普通话和英语。


Nissim Yochai

Executive Vice President, Trans-Pacific Trade


ZIM Integrated Shipping Services

Nissim Yochai joined Zim Integrated Shipping Services in 2011 with a long record of senior managerial experience in shipping and logistics. Before his current position, he served as Zim’s vice president of corporate customer relations and vice president of global sales at Zim’s Haifa, Israel, headquarters. Before joining Zim, Yochai served as managing director of Aviv Shigur, a courier services company, and general manager of Fridenzon Air and Ocean. He previously worked at DHL Express in a variety of commercial roles, including commercial manager for South East Europe, and Europe sales performance manager.   Yochai holds a degree in business and economics from Bar Ilan University, and an MBA from the New York Institute of Technology.

容海迅先生於2011年加入以星综合航运有限公司,在航运和物流领域拥有丰富的高级管理经验。在担任现任职位之前,他曾担任ZIM总部办公室客户关系副总裁和全球销售副总裁。 在加入以星综合航运有限公司之前,容海迅先生曾担任速递服务公司Aviv Shigur Ltd的董事总经理以及Fridenzon Air and Ocean LTD的总经理。他在DHL快递公司担任多种商业职位,包括東南欧商业经理、欧洲销售业务经理等等。 容海迅先生拥有Bar Ilan大学工商管理学士学位和纽约理工学院工商管理碩士学位。


Mark Yong

Managing Director, Asia-Pacific

董事总经理, 亚太区

Blume Global

Mark Yong has a Degree & DPhil in Molecular Biology (Liverpool & Oxford University, UK). He joined the then P&O Containers/Nedlloyd from 1994-2000, based in UK, then Vietnam, Cambodia and China. In 2000, Mark held a post as Director of Business Development, In 2001, he was a committee member of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce e-commerce unit. He joined INTTRA in 2002 holding various roles including General Manager, South Asia, based in Mumbai, India. In 2008, Mark joined BMT, where he was involved in several Smart ports projects/initiatives and also a member of the board of PT BMT Indonesia. Mark joined Blume Global from August 2019, a global supply ecosystem, that leverages 25 years of data and exploits AI and Machine Learning for predictive and optimization of the supply chain. Mark is also a business mentor for SOW Asia, a venture philanthropy incubator program.

Mark Yong 拥有分子生物学学位和博士学位(利物浦大学和牛津大学)。1994-2000 年,他任职于 P&O Containers/Nedlloyd,先后在英国、越南、柬埔寨和中国工作。 2000 年,Mark Yong 担任 业务开发总监。2001 年,他出任香港总商会 (Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce) 电商行业分会的委员会成员。 他于 2002 年加入 INTTRA 并担任各种职务,包括驻印度孟买的南亚区总经理。 Mark Yong 于 2008 年加入 BMT,曾参与多个智能港口项目/计划,而且是 PT BMT(印尼)公司的董事会成员。 Mark Yong 于 2019 年 8 月加入 Blume Global,这是一家全球供应链生态系统创新公司,借助 25 年的海量数据以及人工智能 (AI) 和机器学习来支持供应链预测和优化。 Mark Yong 目前还是风险慈善孵化器计划 SOW Asia 的创业导师。